Large Wax Candles For Events


Modern Candles is a candle rental company, specializing in oversized wax luminaries for private and corporate events

Our most popular luminaries
Browse through three most popular styles of our large candles, available in different sizes

Round candles

Cylindrical large wax candles, available in three sizes

Floating candles

Medium size floating wax candles for pool events

Rectangular candles

Rectangular large wax candles, available in three sizes
Find our large wax luminaries at these events
Modern Candles make a stunning addition to any event;
explore our images for inspiration and event design ideas

Corporate Parties

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your corporate party

Brand Activations

Create engaging environment

Red Carpet Affairs

Make your red carpet event stand out


Create mesmerizing, soft glow effect

Galas, Fundraisers

Impress your guests with gentle ambiance

Pool Parties

Organize Instagram-worthy pool party
High quality
No cheap substitutes. Our wax luminaries are produced in Miami, Florida
Our candles are battery-operated with
6+ hours of continuous illumination
Affordable price
Luminaries are an affordable event decor option compared to other options
What makes large candles or wax luminaries a perfect event addition for many occasions?

Our collection includes a variety of luminaries, from smaller candles to giant, oversized luminaries, offering a warm touch for many different occasions including elegant wedding ceremonies, receptions, corporate events and brand activations.

Create a magical atmosphere by strategically placing these luminaries around entrances, lounge areas, stairs, and pathways. Explore their versatility as large candles gracefully adorn poolside concrete decks, allowing you to craft beautiful, luminous boundaries.

You can also add a touch of creativity to your pool area with our floating luminaries.
Perfect for a range of occasions, our oversized candles are ideal for corporate events, immersive marketing campaigns, galas, fundraisers, and brand activations in such Florida cities as Miami, Palm Beach and Orlando.

The affordability and striking visual impact of these oversized candles make them a popular choice for destination management companies (DMCs) and planning firms, both domestically and internationally.

Whether you're hosting a wedding, private gathering, luxury experiential campaign, virtual event, B2B function, corporate event, PR campaign, trade show, celebrity event, red carpet affair, exclusive VIP gathering, gala, fundraiser, or brand activation, our luminaries are a great choice to elevate sophistication of your event to the next level.

As the demand for our oversized candles soars during the prestigious Art Basel Miami event in December, which is attended by many art buyers, marketing agencies, corporate clients, trendsetters, and social media influencers, we highly recommend securing your reservation early to ensure availability.

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